How Much Does it Drink?

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We cut down our tree on Sunday the 12th. We’re constrained on how early we go out by our middle daughter’s birthday. We want to have a delay from her early December (5th) birthday until we start into the Christmas season at full throttle. I figured I’d write down how much water the tree uses every day. The tree is about 8ft tall (Cathedral style ceiling) and it is about 4 inches in diameter at the base.

Sun 12/12 Initial fill
Mon 12/13 17 oz
Tue 12/14 15 oz
Wed 12/15 16 oz
Thu 12/16 0 oz
Fri 12/17 30 oz *
Sat 12/18 17 oz
Sun 12/19 13 oz
Mon 12/20 0 oz
Tue 12/21 36 oz
Wed 12/22 13 oz
Thu 12/23 0 oz
Fri 12/24 12 oz
Sat 12/25 25 oz
Sun 12/26 6 oz
Mon 12/27 0 oz
Tue 12/28 17 oz
Wed 12/29 0 oz
Thu 12/30 0 oz
Fri 12/31 0 oz
Sat 01/01 0 oz
Sun 01/02 0 oz
Mon 01/03 0 oz

*H2O looking gamey; foam forming rusty red color probably from the iron in the base bucket.

Putting those numbers in a spreadsheet I calculated a curve fit for the amount of water consumed over time. I used only the data from the first refill to the last refill (Dec 28th) and the equation works out to water consumed to date(oz) = 13.676(x) + 7. The R2 of the curve is 0.984, so very respectable. The tree was drinking ~14 oz per day while drinking. It will be interesting to see what the tree next year does.

I want to see if I should think about making myself (or buying) a watering system for the tree. It isn’t any fun crawling under the tree every day, but I want to make sure it doesn’t dry out. That being said, based on the volume that the stand can hold I bet I could get away with only filling it every other day. But it would be my luck that I’d forget on the third day and it would be sucking air on the fourth day. Guess I better stick to the routine of every evening.

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