How Much Does it Drink – 2015

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This year the graph shows where the tree “died”. Notice the knee on the 1st & 2nd of January where the consumption drops precipitously. Up until then the usage was over 600ml/day. At that point it drops to about 100. I’m betting that most of that is simple evaporation.

I’ve had a couple of interesting and thoughtful comments related to the consumption. The best one is how big are the trees and are they the same size? I can’t find the data, but I know they are all similarly sized as we try to minimize the amount of excess we need to trim when we get home.

Date Qty
13-Dec 0
14-Dec 1000
16-Dec 1000
17-Dec 722
18-Dec 875
19-Dec 830
20-Dec 0
21-Dec 860
22-Dec 450
23-Dec 550
24-Dec 500
25-Dec 1050
26-Dec 0
27-Dec 1005
28-Dec 1024
29-Dec 0
30-Dec 540
31-Dec 1048
1-Jan 290
02-Jan 200
3-Jan 194
4-Jan 75
5-Jan 70
6-Jan 68

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