Christmas Tree Fire Deaths

by admin

In the United States, every year there are an average of over 200 home fires every year that start with Christmas trees.  The fires account for about 25 deaths and an additional 25 injuries every year.   That means that if you have  a Christmas tree fire you have over a 1 in 10 chance of being killed.  You have an almost 1 in 4 chance of being killed or injured, that’s pretty grim.

The National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA) analyzes fire data across the entire US and while the total number of fires that are due to Christmas trees is very small; they are much more deadly.  The statistic for non-Christmas tree fires in home dwellings have a much lower death rate of 1 in 75.  The number of fires due to cut Christmas trees is very small in that it is estimated that about 30 million cut trees are sold every year. Still, I would hate to be the one suffering with that small, yet tragic, number.

Once the tree is cut the single biggest thing that minimizes the fire likelihood is how well maintained the tree is  No single thing can guarantee complete safety.  However, a lot of things done in concert will vastly reduce the likelihood of a fire.  The amount of heat and rate of that heat release from a dry tree is absolutely astounding. I strongly urge you to review one or more of the comparison videos found in the links area. Some of the wet trees either won’t burn or self-extinguish as soon as the heat source is removed. Compare that to the dry trees that burn so hotly that object that are not in contact with them burst into flame.

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