Automatic Christmas Tree Watering Systems

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Do you like crawling underneath the Christmas tree every day to check the water level and then fill it? What if the tree is really thirsty and you need to make more than one trip under the tree every day? Be careful not to knock off the ornaments or smash a light bulb! Be sure not to spill any water. (cont. below)

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Automatic Christmas Tree Watering Systems Christmas Tree Watering systems
Watering System
watering system

Automatic Christmas Tree Watering Systems Make Your Life Easier

If you do spill it, you better hope it doesn’t get on any presents. All that will happen to the carpet is it will smell bad as it mildews due to the excessive moisture if you don’t get it all. Do these bring up or remind you of past, or potential future, problems? It’s not fun and these automatic Christmas tree watering systems will help eliminate those problems. If you prefer to make your own system, I’ve provided a link to a highly rated “instructable” in the “Tree Resources” section in the far right column.

Automatic Christmas Tree Watering System Christmas Tree Watering System
Quench-A-Tree Get Organized
Automatic system

These Automatic Christmas tree watering systems are a huge timesaver and some would even argue a lifesaver. The best thing is that you can use your Christmas Tree preservative automatically and be assured you’re getting the most possible life out of your cut Christmas tree. Please be sure to water your tree whether you use preservative or not, whether you do it automatically or not, because if you don’t the consequences are terrible.

Please let us know (in the comments below) how these work for you and whether you were ambitious enough to build your own.

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